Why You Need Faster Internet—Gigabit Internet

By Paul Aliotta on January 3, 2017 |


Why you need faster internet—Gigabit Internet from Zoom Connects 

With ever advancing technology and an increasing demand of users “being connected”, the need for higher capacity, faster Internet access is an issue facing most residences. You may have begun hearing the phrase “The Internet of Things” (IoT for short). The “IoT” is simply the inter-networking of physical Internet connected devices. While the entire IoT encompasses the sectors of enterprise/business, home, and government, the Home sector of IoT is realized by users the most. Zoom Connects is dedicated to providing the fastest Internet available at the lowest possible prices, and here's why.


So why do you need faster internet—or gigabit internet?

In North America on average, there are 13 connected devices per household. Many of these devices are what have been around for some time and are the first to come to mind. Smartphones, tablets, gaming systems, TVs. What about “Smart Home” solutions and the next generation of connected products? Nest® thermostats with sensors and Wi-Fi remote control capabilities. Ring® video doorbells with real time security monitoring and alerting that display a video feed to your portable device. Smart Refrigerators that you can connect to remotely to see what is in them real time, and have touch screen displays on the front to communicate with family. Philips Hue even has light bulbs you can control from anywhere. With all of these devices combined with a household of smart phones, it’s easy to see how one can benefit from faster Internet.


The growth of data capabilities is well established in Moore’s Law and Nielsen's Law. Moore's Law says that computers double in capabilities every 18 months: this corresponds to about 60% annual growth. Nielsen's Law states a high-end user's connection speed grows by 50% per year. With those projections, the reality of Smart Home applications, and device count per household on the rise, doesn’t it only make sense to connect with the fastest Internet service offered and be prepared? Now that you know why you need faster Internet—and Gigabit Internet is the answer, and it’s more affordable than you think.



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