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When you want your business to perform at an optimum level, you need the best service there is to offer. Zoom Connects Gigabit Internet service is not only the fastest connection available, giving your company high speed cloud access, crystal clear video conferencing, faster file downloading and web browsing, it’s also the most reliable, giving you total peace of mind at a cost that is truly an unbeatable price. When it comes to value, the difference is clear. Make the switch today.
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Included Business Features

White Glove Service

Not only is our installation included, we have the fastest repair times and shortest appointment windows in the industry.

Fastest Speeds

Our symmetric Gigabit speeds are the fastest possible speeds on the market.

24/7 Customer Support

We have 24×7×365 technical support, which means no matter what day or what time, you will always be speaking to a live human being.

99.999% Uptime Guarantee

With the highest up-time guarantee in the industry, our goal is to make sure you are always up and running.

Ethernet Handoff

To make switching from your current provider as seamless as possible, we are able to offer and support either a fiber optic or “electrical/CAT6” Ethernet handoff to allow you to use your pre-existing on-premise equipment whenever possible.

IPv4 & IPv6 Options

We provide IPv4 addresses as our standard offering, but can alternately provide IPv6 addressing based on your network requirements. Additional IPv4 or IPv6 addresses are also available at an additional cost.

BGP Routing Available

If your network requires BGP routing, we’ve got you taken care of. Ask us about pricing today.

10GB Connection Upgrades

If 1GBbps just isn’t enough…how does 10GB sound? We have pricing options available for that as well.

Pricing F.A.Q.

How long does it take for installation?

For a single tenant, we can have service up and running usually within two weeks. For volume accounts, we can have the entire building up and running within 30-60 days.

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Are these "introductory prices"—will the price change?

No, these are not "introductory prices" like some of our competitors offer. Our pricing is locked in for the term of the contract that you sign.

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What happens at the end of my contract?

You contract will convert to month to month, or we can renew you for whatever term you would like.

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Check Availability

If you are interested in Zoom Connects High Speed Business Gigabit Internet Service, but aren’t sure if your building offers it today, please let us know your Name, Address, and affiliation to the building and we will be in touch ASAP to let you know if service is available!

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